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Prospective Schools

Joining PACURH will give you access to a wealth of knowledge and it will provide schools with limitless opportunities to grow and develop both their organizations and residents.


Take a look at our member schools in the region as well as the "Froggie Friday" newsletter to learn more about our Froggie loving region. 


One of the best ways to really see what PACURH is all about is to attend an annual regional conference. The conference offers you the opportunity to meet other schools, attend program session, hosted by students that teach you new leadership skills, program ideas, and how to build your RHA and NRHH Chapters.


The PACURH 2022 regional leadership conference was hosted by Saint Martins University (SMU). The conference cost takes care of food, housing, and all other conference costs. All you need to do is get transportation. 


PACURH RBC 2023 dates will be announced in the next couple of months. More info can be found on the Instagram, Discord, or Froggie Friday.

Why Affiliate?


NACURH, Inc. is an amazing organization, and we always try to get more schools involved. In order to be fully involved with NACURH, you’ll need to be officially affiliated with us.


There are many perks of being affiliated with NACURH, like:

  • Member pricing at regional and national conferences

  • Voting and having official representation in the organization

  • Networking with fellow institutions, RHA and NRHH Chapters

  • Access to roundtables and training resources

  • Perusing the NACURH Connection RFI submissions for ideas on enhancing residential life on your campus

  • Being able to submit and win award bids for the great work you do

  • Access to the benefits of all NACURH corporate sponsorships

  • Access to all NACURH newsletters

  • Access to NACURH OTM Submissions and recognition

Interested in affiliating or learning more about PACURH? Contact our Coordinating Officer of

Communications and Technology by clicking below!

Wish to affiliate right now? Check out the link 


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