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Silver Pin Recipients

The Silver Pin is the highest form of recognition that a Director can provide to a member of PACURH. Every year, the regional director gets to award eight silver pins – the number representing the number of regions of NACURH.


Jackson Smith, University of Oregon

Carson Bowers, Washington State University

Christian Schaffer, Washington State University

Karla Adame, University of California Irvine

Taylor Gahub, University of California Irvine

Katelynn Gulley, Saint Martin's University

Mitchell Prost, University of British Columbia

Win Ye, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Kaztiny Noval, Southern Oregon University

Mackenzie Hauptman, Southern Oregon University

Aja Bedwell, Portland State University

Jane Orozco, California State Fullerton

Alicia Perez, California State Fullerton

Allyson Beck, Southern Oregon University

Michael Hardej, University of Oregon

Noheli Serrano, Southern Oregon University


Asher Suloway-Baker,  Portland State University

Araceli Valencia, University of California San Diego

Abby Freimark, Western Oregon University

Sophie Bunch, Willamette University

Martin Mattes, Central Washington University

Alexandria Kenney, Eastern Washington University

Darius Shubert, University of California Los Angeles

Amy Bugwadia, University of California Los Angeles


Robert Dunn, University of California, Irvine

Justin Hanes, University of Oregon

Erika Goto, University of Oregon

Chelsea Ji, University of California, Berkley

CJ Connolly, University of California, Berkley

Samantha Luley, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Kyle Steinhauer, University of Oregon

Jacob Durrance, Central Washington University


Mason Margotta, University of British Columbia

Kennedy Bingham, University of Southern California

Linda Gudiel, University of Southern California

David Zhang, University of the Pacific

Alyssa Tucker, Pacific University 

Jacqueline Ignacio, University of Oregon 

 Kyle Bisson, Emily Iverson, and Valerie Marquez, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Katie Francisco, Southern Oregon University

Brian Loh, University of California, San Diego

Claire Hummer, Portland State University

William Hsu, University of California, San Diego

Aram Ambartsumyan, University of Washington

Josh Ingebretson, Central Washington University

Dani Hall, Gonzaga University

Amanda Spencer, Eastern Washington University


2014 – 2015

Tyler Nees, Southern Oregon University

Michael Daniels, San Jose State University

Francis Chau, Gonzaga University

Kaylin Murray, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Mason Margotta, University of British Columbia



Erin Tovey, Gonzaga University

Kyle McCrossin, Central Washington University 

Jose Serra, University of La Verne

Ricardo Orozco, University of La Verne

Zoe Smolen, Portland State University

Christina Hayes, Pacific Lutheran University

Russell Jones, Portland State University

Katie Jouthas, California State University, Monterey Bay



Daniel Harada, Central Washington University

Tanya Koroyan, San Jose State University

Maya Ealey,  San Jose State University

Holly Dysserinck, University of British Columbia

Samual Yellin, University of British Columbia

Michelle Schultz,  Eastern Washington University

Esther Gaines, Gonzaga University

Megan Wilson, Washington State University



Amy Funk, Western Oregon University

Timothy Kato, University of British Columbia

Scott Hoffman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Steven Crader, Oregon State University

Katelyn Denney, Southern Oregon University

Ferheen Abbasi, University of California Berkley

Sally Morganm, California State University - Riverside

Nhien Quach, Eastern Washington University


Richard Arquette, Eastern Washington University

Eric Morrow, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Mikaela Falwell, San Francisco State University

Shelly Clark, Oregon State University

Sara Healas, Central Washington University

Alicia LaJeunesse, Southern Oregon University

Kelsey Miglioretto, Southern Oregon University

TJ Trojia, University of Nevada, Las Vegas



Amanda Rodino, Western Oregon University

Brandon Turpin, Western Washington University

Conor McLean, University of Washington

Sam Wojdynski, University of California, San Diego

Angela Galipeau, San Francisco State University

University Jimmy Kelly, San Francisco State University

University Jessica Mawrence, University of Washington

Chris Proctor, University of British Columbia



Mike Mann, Oregon State University

Melissa Yamamoto, Oregon State University

Juliet LaMariana, San Jose State University

Ryan Graves, University of Washington

Ashley Day, University of California, Santa Barbara

Cameo Cheung, Oregon State University

Jen Gill, University of British Columbia

Sarah Weil, California State University, Chico



M'Liss DeWald, University of Washington

Hunter Kellett, University of Southern California

Brandon Knox, University of Washington

Anne Falla, Oregon State University

Daniel Calise, Southern Oregon University

Heidi Hess, Southern Oregon University

Jake Siegel-Picus, University of Washington

Adam Bernot, Western Oregon University


Heather Whitty, Central Washington University

Emily Duyck, Gonzaga University

Michael Leichner, University of Washington

Marley Blonsky, University of Washington

Jessica Young, San Diego State University

Marylou Bagus, University of the Pacific

Melissa Williams, Oregon State University

Shelly Clark, Oregon State University



Tamara Oskoui, California State University, Chico

Jeff Rosenberry, Central Washington University

Mark Schmitz, Eastern Washington University

Bridget Kelleher, University of Nevada, Reno

Jared Hostmeyer, University of Nevada, Reno

Billy Brewer, University of Nevada, Reno

Emmanuel Caudillo, University of Southern California

Francis Jequinto, University of Washington



Katie Baker, Central Washington University

Megan Hundley, Humboldt State University

John T. Carter, Humboldt State University

Erin Mediema, Humboldt State University

Lynisha Perkins, Humboldt State University

Cecilia Perez, University of California, Santa Barbara

Angie Vertuli, Pacific University

Rebekah Hagen, Pacific University



Vivian Kim, University of California, Berkeley

Susan Young, University of California, Santa Barbara

Jeb Korzilius, University of Washington

Joanine Robinson, University of Washington

Emmy Ogle, University of Southern California

Jimmy French, Western Washington University

Rachel Zommick, Western Washington University

Patrick Moser, Western Oregon University



Fay Roepcke, California State University, Chico

Charles Klein, Humboldt State University

Jacqueline Adams, Humboldt State University

Brandon Mills, University of California, Berkeley

Vivian Kim, University of California, Berkeley

K. Glenn Park, University of Washington

Jennifer Estroff, Washington State University

Susan Stapish, Western Oregon University

Ansel Olsen, University of Washington


Brian Meneses, University of California, Riverside

Kristine Reeves, Washington State University



Freeman Suen, California State University, Chico



Kenrick Ali, San Francisco State University

Ryan Richelson, San Jose State University

Rick Sonnenfeld, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

J. Michael Matlock, University of Southern California



Stacey Padilla, Chapman College



Sejal Patel, University of Southern California



Chantal Blanchard, Washington State University



Marigold Holmes, University of Washington



Michelle Jean Donohue, Sonoma State University



Amy Stockly, Sonoma State University



Michael Oliveri, University of San Francisco



Maureen Frank, San Diego State University



Steve Wright, University of Southern California


Jan Schreiber, San Diego State University

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