PACURH Mentorship Program

Serving as a delegation advisor at conferences can leave an advisor feeling a little anxious if they have not served in such a capacity before.  A group of advisors in the PACURH region have come together to provide less-seasoned advisors resources to adequately transition into this role.  In doing so, this group developed a mentorship program. 

This program is designed to match seasoned conference delegation advisors with less-seasoned conference delegation advisors.  Our hope is that this will assist advisors be better prepared for the conference and to be better welcomed into the PACURH region.

The expectation of the program is that participants find time to connect prior to leaving your campus to discuss any questions the mentee might have and provide any perspective that the mentor might be able to provide.  We also hope that you will find time during the conference to connect and check in, especially during the Advisor Social , meals, ART (Advisor Resource Training) or other Advisor sessions (if any are offered), as appropriate during the boardroom, or otherwise as appropriate.   

Here are some things mentorship pairings will often check in about:
     - Bid submissions and online bid review
     - Election of PACURH RBD members
     - Where to find guidelines and policies related to bids and awards
     - Role of the Advisors in boardroom