PACURH's COVID-19 Response

We are currently living in unprecedented and uncertain time. The COVID-19 global pandemic has swept the world with drastic changes to everyone's daily life. Colleges and universities across the globe have had to move in a remote setting, causing residence life to be greatly impacted.


Please review PACURH's and NACURH's comments in the two memos below:

For updates on what is happening at the NACURH level, please refer to their website:

Each university has taken a different response to this pandemic. If you want to see what other institutions are doing or perhaps give insight on how yours is handling the situation, check out this COVID-19 Institutional Response sheet:

For updates and questions about next steps with the NACURH Annual Conference, please refer to their website:

Please refer to the World Health Organization as well as your local, state, and federal governments about information on how to combat the virus and ensure the welfare of yourself and your community: