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 Joining a Committee or Task Force is great way for individuals to get more involved with the region. Each is typically chaired by a Regional Board member and is tasked with a specific purpose to help the region out. Below are descriptions of all of the PACURH Committees and Task Forces currently accepting new members


The Regional Board of Directors (RBD) Accountability Committee is formed each year to ensure members of the RBD as well as Conference Staffs are held accountable for their actions and conflicts are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. This committee is comprised of one Advisor and four to six students who must be NCCs, NRHH Reps, or Presidents. In order to be eligible to serve on this committee an individual must have previously attended at least one PACURH Regional Leadership Conference or Regional Business Conference.

PACURH Accountability Committee

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The Presidential Relations Committee is dedicated to developing fundamental resources, also known as the “PERCS” for all PACURH presidents.  Meeting once a month alongside the Coordinating Officer for Presidents-committee members will collaboratively focus and develop a foundation to accommodate all presidential voting bodies within PACURH. While also discussing placement within the regional and national level, leadership development initiatives, and how to establish “frogtastic” relationships.

Presidentail Relations Committee

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Do you love writing OTMs? Do you have a passion for recognition and you're looking for a way to get involved in the region? Consider joining the regional OTM Committee!! This committee votes on regional OTMs every month from as early as July 2019 to May 2020, and is a great way to get involved in PACURH and NRHH!

OTM Selection Committee

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Do you have a passion for PACURH and are looking to help get new institutions involved? Here is your opportunity to help with this mission! The PACURH Relations committee is responsible for reaching out to institutions that haven’t reaffiliated yet, or institutions that haven’t been affiliated with PACURH, and showing them why they should join the greatest student organization in the world! Perks will include writing professional emails on behalf of PACURH, and giving you a platform to show just why you love PACURH so much!

PACURH Relations Committee

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The Advisor Task Force will focus on the coordination of resources and programs aimed at enhancing the advisor experience in PACURH. The Task Force will assist with educational webinars, the advisor mentorship program, coordination of Advisor Resource Training sessions, and roundtables at conferences. The Task Force is open to any advisor in PACURH! 

Advisor Task Force

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PACURH as a region has claimed in the past to be the most diverse and inclusive region in NACURH. While that may be true in some, it is important for us to continually work towards that goal and practice what we preach. This task force will be dedicated to brainstorming and implementing ideas that will make our region more inclusive, equitable, and culturally competent.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force

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 This year, we will be making an effort to improve the training and development of the NCC’s for the PACURH region. This task force is meant to aid the Coordinating Officer for PACURH Relations in the creation of NCC resources, such as the NCC-IT and the NCC Proxy guide, parliamentary procedure handouts, and more! In addition to this, members will help create the structure for the new NCC chats- non-business chats specifically meant for conversations and development relevant to the NCC position. This task force is meant for anyone with NCC experience, whether you’re a new NCC, returning NCC, or have served as an NCC in the past, I would love to get your opinions and feedback as we begin to grow our NCC resource base.

NCC Development Task Force

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Spirit comes in many different forms. There's active spirit, like cheers and dancing, or passive spirit, like pin trading and themed outfits. The Spirit Task Force is an avenue for the region to get involved with the creation and implementation of PACURH spirit. This involves tasks such as generating new cheers and brainstorming swag ideas. All ideas are welcome!

Spirit Task Force

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