Advisor Resources

Hello Advisors, this page is dedicated to y'all! Here, you will find links to the PACURH Advisor GroupMe, Facebook Page, and Shared Drive. Also, at the end there is information about the Advisor Resource Training.

Advisor Resource Training - ART

Now housed under NACURH, the new Advisor Resource Training Program has been developed with varying advisor needs in mind. ART consists of a 28 session curriculum, covering a variety of topics that you can explore at a NACURH Annual or Regional conference near you, and the new experiential requirements that will enable you to apply what you have learned in the classroom, to what you will encounter as an advisor. Advance through the levels by attending all the sessions and completing the necessary experiential requirements.


If you have specific questions about the ART program offered at your Regional or NACURH Annual conferences you can email the PACURH Regional Advisor at or the ART Standards Committee at